Dead man in cruise ship freezer for six days

Robert Jones, 79, died of heart failure last year aboard the Celebrity Celebration. His wife, Marilyn, had to choose to leave the body in the ship’s morgue until she returned to Ft. Lauderdale in Florida, or disembarking the body in the port of Puerto Rico. She chose the first option.

In the refrigerator

The indictment against the cruise company shows that the body was not placed in the morgue, but in a refrigerator, where drinks were removed to make room for the body. According to reports in the American media Not a morgue The body cannot be stored there.


People regularly die on cruise ships, also because the age of the passengers is so high. At least 37 people have died of natural causes on celebrity cruises alone since 2001. This explains why ships have a mortuary.

When the undertaker reached the ship, he saw that the body lying in the body bag outside the freezer was in a distant state of decomposition. It was so bad that the man could not lie in an open coffin at the funeral.

His wife and children are now seeking $1 million in damages from the cruise line.

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