Deceptive advertising is 120,000 euros and the burned-out house is poorer in Zeeman Konfront

Ed and his daughter live in ruins, and to make matters worse, sometimes he just doesn’t like life anymore. Not only was his house uninhabitable, but he was also scammed for a good 118,000 euros by a contractor.

Expecting it to be worse after the fire broke out, Ad teams up with a contractor. He doesn’t have enough staff to do the job of renovating the house, but he decided to demolish the rooftop.

An important detail: it does not close the ceiling, so that the water will flow as soon as the first rain shower arrives.

Next, the new contractor, Steve, promises the golden Ad Mountains and above all a safe home. But Steve’s only job is to file expense claims. Advertising always goes hand in hand with the contractor’s seamless stories, with the counter now standing at €118,000 in bills paid. And what about the house? Steve left it like a ruin.

As a result, Ad is on his own and uses all his free time to work at home. “I’m on the verge of breaking down,” says Ad tears. “I wonder if I won’t have a heart attack soon.” Since there’s already a lawsuit against Steve, neither the bank nor the insurance company can do anything for Ad, Thijs says.

Theis insists on confronting Steve. Not only because of the mental and financial damage he has done to Ad, but also to ensure that others do not become victims. Thess knows where to find Steve on the street.

The contractor is still brilliant and denies in all tones that he defrauded the advertisement. His partner was also blamed, he had a heart attack and eventually promised to return the money. But if that really happened…

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On Twitter, viewers are collectively sympathetic to the sensational story of Ed and his daughter. A crowdfunding campaign to help the family has also now been set up (look here).

Delivery Sailor Encounters It can be seen in Videoland. A new episode airs every Tuesday at 8:30 PM on RTL 5.

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