Dedicating some space to the Switch Edition of Apex Legends?

One of the biggest games to arrive on the Nintendo Switch next month is Apex Legends Door EA en Respawn Entertainment.

Team-based battle royale shooter that never cuts corners – brings a “full-featured” experience to the Nintendo Hybrid System. According to Respawn, the port specialist panic button (Rocket LeagueAnd the Eternal death) Her magic worked on thisAnd some “smart” improvements.

So if the experience is “complete”, how big is this version of the game? The official Switch eShop page shows that you need to free up some space – with the game listed as required15.2 GBEmpty space. Meanwhile, the description below states that the game needs a 30GB “minimum” to download.

“The game needs to be downloaded 30 GB minimum Via a wireless internet connection. You may also need to create or link a Nintendo Account. Requires microSD card (sold separately). Storage requirements are subject to change, please visit for details. “

The Nintendo US webpage also states the file size is 30GB, but the UK page says it is 15.2GB. Tantalizing isn’t it?

So … it is one or the other. Regardless, it’s a pretty big download for the Switch. If you need more space, Respawn teamed up with Western Digital to create one Apex Legends Switch is a MicroSD card For $ 67.99. With a capacity of 128 GB, it does not differ from a standard MicroSD card regardless of the logo.

When the game lands on the Nintendo Switch, it will support cross-platform gameplay and start playing with Season 8. With the Switch players joining a little later this season, there will be 30 free tiers starting with Season 8. Point for the first few weeks.

Are you freeing up space on your MicroSD card for Apex Legends? Tell us below.

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