Defamation suit / higher fine for ABC journalist in Villamedia

In Australia, public broadcaster ABC correspondent Louise Milligan has been named MP. Four tweets about Andrew Laming have been fined $ 79,000. Milligan pleaded guilty last March to pleading guilty to the charges High project, Women taking photos under their skirts or dresses.

A fine of around மாற்ற 50,000 was transferred by the employer to ABC, which helped Milligan in the case. Conflict is seen as a test – abuse by others – Australian libel laws. Milligan removed the tweets in June and released an amendment.

ABC says it is pushing for a debt-free solution to avoid a lengthy legal dispute.

Laming is satisfied with the results and claims that the defamation law was created “exactly for this reason”. Central is a 2019 photo taken by Laming, a woman (in shorts) bent over in a refrigerator filled with soda cans. The woman in question thought the photo was inappropriate, and Laming said she was interested in seeing it in a humorous setting. According to Laming, several cans in the refrigerator looked like a jar of Tetris.

In April this year, police decided that no criminal offenses had been committed. Laming then took action against Milligan. Laming news channel Nine News may sue Queensland, which reported the case in 2019.

Douglas Sydney Morning Herald Reports Laming will soon leave politics following allegations that he harassed two women online.

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