Defense is busy creating military ranks

FILE PHOTO – Soldiers in Suriname

The Ministry of Defense of Suriname is preparing to create a military rank. Article 28 of the Legislative Position on Military Law states that the Minister of Defense must publish a list showing the seniority of military officers by numbering the military in their ranks and positions.

According to Colonel BD Dennis Kamperveen, a policy advisor who also started this project, in addition to the competency criterion, the seniority criterion for officers, NCOs and men is a selection requirement that has been identified for promotion and job appointment as part of the military career policy to be followed.

When the current minister took office, a situation was encountered showing that the personnel information system had not worked optimally for some time. Now, under the supervision of 1st corporal Navin Atmopawiro, the files of all military personnel are extracted and a database is created in which the full career path of the soldier is recorded.

An excellent contribution is made by the branches of the armed forces, among others, through the availability of researchers. There is also an ongoing evaluation and where necessary errors and/or irregularities are reported and promptly corrected.

The arrangement will be published upon completion, allowing everyone involved to verify personal data, with any notes afterward. It is scheduled that this digital file will be transferred to the Sub-Directorate of Personnel Affairs.

According to Campervin, what ultimately matters is that the sub-division has more information to plan for. The information obtained during the 2022 Military Classification Project will be used simultaneously for another project related to checking the attendance of personnel in the Ministry.

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