Delays have triggered the need for real-time temperature monitors

An Australian technology company that develops tracking solutions says it is important for companies to collect and monitor data on the status and location of their new products, especially due to current logistics delays in global markets.

Escavox detects fruit and vegetable products and looks at the cold chain, which means it can quickly check temperature data and delays, take timely interventions and prevent claims and losses. Christian Patterson, head of sales and operations, said some customers have been stranded in ports for weeks, prompting a demand for the company’s surveillance equipment.

“The advantage of our equipment is that customers can view real-time data and understand where their product is, be it aircraft or seafood,” he says. “Often, such delays endanger the quality of the product. Our device allows them to make decisions about their products. We do not talk to one or two customers. Many more companies approach us for equipment. Track their shipments even better.”

Christian Patterson presents a presentation at the Citrus Technology Forum

He explains that some customers, knowing the condition of their fruits and vegetables during transport, were able to modify their exports. “Some were able to recall their products because of the delay,” he says. “Others have been able to divert their exports based on this data. I do not know how much this can save, but in the feedback we have received, I understand that customers can make better decisions for themselves. , Consumers, retailers or their company need to make quick decisions to ensure the best possible result.

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Escavox monitors exports from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as meat and dairy products, where temperature monitoring is important for product quality.

“We offer our solutions to eight of the ten largest new manufacturing companies in Australia,” Patterson continues. “They use our devices for all their products and around the world. Of course we have a strong presence in Australia, but we are also involved in exporting goods imported into Australia from China, Mexico, South Africa and other countries. I give our product customers the opportunity to evaluate what is going on within their company. I believe that we can make recommendations based on the data collected.

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