Delft’s improved darts game and research hit the mark for professional Dutch darts players

An arrow that is less sensitive to errors than darts and is therefore approximately 50 percent more accurate than a conventional arrow. Delft researchers may have developed a groundbreaking dart that can dramatically improve the performance of the best dart players. The new dart was designed with knowledge of aerodynamics and flight mechanics with the goal of giving players more control over their throw. On Tuesday 18th April, five of the best Dutch darts players, known as the TOTO Dart Kings, visited TU Delft. They experimented with the new dart and engaged in scientific research, including analysis of their throwing technique. Darts players admire the facilities and see the potential in both research and regenerative darts to improve their performance and take the sport to new heights.

The leading dart

TU Delft researchers in the field of aerospace engineering have discovered that the aerodynamic and design principles they use for planes and missiles also have the potential to improve darts’ performance. To analyze the trajectory of the dart, they developed a dart-shooting robot that throws the dart continuously, while measuring the release position, velocity, trajectory and position on the board. By simulating small errors in the throw, the sensitivity of the arrow can be studied. This research led to the creation of Rocket Darts, an offshoot of TU Delft and part of the Aerospace Innovation Hub. The company is developing a new stock with improvements in aerodynamics, weight distribution and board interaction. This gives the dart a higher accuracy and gives dart players more control over their throw.

Tutu Dart Kings

The TOTO Dart Kings team is made up of the five best darts in the Netherlands: Raymond van Barneveld, Dirk van Duijvenbode, Michael van Gerwen, Danny Noppert and Vincent van der Voort. As the only professional darts team in the Netherlands, they actively collect performance data to improve their decisions during matches. The team also focus on the mental side of the sport and support each other to improve in all areas. TOTO fully supports the sport of Dutch darts, as the namesake of the TOTO Dart Kings team and as a partner of the Dutch Darts Association and title sponsor of the TOTO Dutch Darts Open. This support contributes to the further development of the sport, for example by adding experts to the team. Since its founding in 2022, a nutrition coach, biohacker, chiropractor, and osteopath, among others, have been part of the team. The scientific research of TU Delft makes an important contribution to the professionalization of darts. is reading here more.

Dart search

On Tuesday, April 18th, professional darts players not only experienced the accuracy of the new darts game, but also gained insight into their personal style of throwing. TU Delft’s research focused on the movement of the dart players’ arm while throwing the dart and the flight path of the dart after the moment of release. Using these measurements, the researchers compared the throwing techniques between amateur and professional darts players and between individual professional darts players. They analyze the frequency of throws and its effect on scoring accuracy. After today, the measurement results will be used to develop measurement settings, the dart robot, and the new dart arrow. The results can lead to personal training and more benefits for professional dart players.

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