Delft’s pride even extends to Australia


They worked on it for months, and it is a work of art that has everything Delft would be proud of. Last week, artists Matijs Vissers and Pablo Slenders launched Delft Artwork. Admire the artwork at lunch at Cafe Baker Zuckerbuk in the center of Delft. Here you can see the artwork during the day and enjoy it in peace. Because the longer you look, the more details there are to discover. It’s like going on an adventure and always discovering new things. First reactions to the artwork don’t lie. “Immediately people were hanging up on the phone to see if they could see it in real life. A job is on the way to Australia as the love for Delft remains after all these years!

The artwork has a lot of detail. “In the first moment you see a colorful scene with proud church towers standing out. The longer you look at the artwork, the more you will be drawn to it. Let your eyes go on an adventure and discover the little details, the hints of the past, and that to us is precisely art.”

If you want to know more about the artwork, visit or visit Bakker Zuikerbuik.

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