Delta Energy will plant one tree for each deal with green gas

In this way, Delta Energie helps to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and make Zeeland greener. The aim is to plant trees in forest areas near Biggekerke and IJzendijke. Delta Energy works with Staatsbosbeheer, Buitenfonds and ZMf (Zeeland Environment Federation). ‘Delta Energy contributes money not only for planting, but also for sustainable management of trees for fifty years,’ the company said. The cooperation agreement will be signed between the two sides on Wednesday.

Green gas

Two years ago, Delta Energy introduced greenhouse gases, a mixture of 2 percent biogas and 98 percent CO2-supplemented gas. ‘For every 1,000 cubic meters of greenhouse gas we use, we donate five euros to the natural projects of various Zealand natural systems.’ One of those projects is to plant trees with the aim of reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. ‘We have chosen to plant trees in Zeeland because we like the look and feel of our Zeeland and the landscape of Zeeland so much.’

Energy change

ZMf, which is working with Delta Energy to find suitable locations in the Plan Earth environment, thinks this is a great initiative. ‘The Zeeland Energy Company shows progress in energy conversion. By planting trees that catch more green gas and extra CO2. In this way, the Delta Energy Plan contributes to the earth’s goal of geeland, which means greener, healthier and more attractive zeal by planting an additional 380,000 trees; One tree for every island. ‘


Statsposphere is happy with the collaboration and the extra trees. During the coming winter, various trees will be planted which will be the habitat and food of many insect species and birds. Forests not only help mitigate climate change, but they also stimulate Dutch biodiversity, water conservation, landscape quality, human health and recreational purposes. Nationwide, Statsposphere will create 5,000 hectares of new forest over the next 10 years. In Zeeland, Statsbosbeheer creates new forests at various planting sites, mainly expanding existing landscapes.

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