Demi from Lifelong with coercion? He faces refrigerator phobia

It is almost impossible for the participants to maintain a relationship, a job, or even social contacts, because their lives are completely dominated by OCD. Some had three different therapists, while others saw as many as four, five, six, or sometimes even seven therapists learning how to deal with OCD.

For everything related to death, like crosses, ambulances, and police cars, Demi has rituals and obsessions. The matter goes so far that without her rituals, she cannot even open the refrigerator or turn on the tap. Or touch. When she touches the refrigerator for the first time in ages during a treatment on the Tuesday night episode, her tension reaches its peak.

When you open the door, the first thing you see is a box of yogurt. Yogurt is old a few days. She thinks it’s dangerous to give emergency services a bowl of yogurt because she fears something will happen to them. As part of the treatment, the 24-year-old should do this anyway.

When the pregnant lifeguard takes a bite, Demi goes through a very difficult time. She doesn’t want to be responsible if something happens to her. “At that moment, many thoughts are running through my mind. I haven’t done it right, something will happen later, and then it’s my fault. How am I going to explain it?

At that point, Demi only wants one thing: escape. She does, after which she bursts into tears and appears to be having trouble breathing. The advisor explains: “You have raised the force in the head.” Viewers at home can see this, too. Collectively, they sympathize with the candidates.

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