Demonstration for the preservation of Nollibus: “Where does arrogance come from?”

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“There is no need to change anything in the woods,” says a woman holding a homemade sign. “We already have enough homes and hotels being built. Not there. Three people with a sign pulling away a bit agrees.” “Walchir’s coast is fully built,” says one man, raising the text “No more asphalt”.

The Targeted Vision states, among other things, that Vlissingse Nollebos should become a transition between city and landscape. The canoe pond may be moved to the car park below the dam. The wellness of the sauna can be expanded and there is a space for leisure recreation in the form of a hotel.

“This is one of the few parts – and certainly the only part in Vlissingen – where there are no buildings on the coast,” says one man. “Where do they get the arrogance to take something beautiful from the Flissinger family,” another woman asks. “Especially in the time of the Coronavirus, when you see the number of people who walk, relieve stress, and find peace. It is very important.

Inside the town hall, it appears to be the same language, but with more words. Fifteen people are allowed to speak to the Spatial Planning Committee of Vlissingen City Council tonight. Most of them – residents, but also spokespersons for the Ons Nollebos working group and Zeeland Environmental Federation – are fiercely opposed to these plans.

“If Vlissingers were deprived of that space, what would they offer?”

They feel that the procedures were not followed properly. They are concerned about nature conservation, the potential increase in traffic if the plans are implemented or the health of the Vlissingers. The latter is of particular interest to general practitioner Willem Osterman. “Fifty percent of people are overweight, 15 percent of them are obese,” he told committee members.

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The doctor feared that the Nollebos’ plans would leave little room for Vlissingers to practice. “If Vlissingers were deprived of that space, what would they offer?”

Counselor Kuo van Gastein, who represents Kanouvejever, is also one of the speakers. However, he maintains, Canoe Pond doesn’t want to take up any extra space. “The owner has a very small plot of land and wants to implement his plans on his own property. We will move away from the Nollebos.”

Decision before the summer holidays

The space committee members heard all fifteen speakers tonight. They’ll have a meeting about it next week. Before the summer recess, the city council wants to make a decision about the future of Nollebos.

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