Den Haag FM »Outdoor Spaces Mariahoeve, Houtwijk and Nieuw Waldeck are being renewed:” It’s really essential “

In Houtwijk and Nieuw Waldeck, residents are excited that the city council will be working to renew outdoor spaces in the neighborhoods. This was necessary because the common space was outdated. For a facelift, the green areas are treated, as well as the sidewalk raised by tree roots. In addition, cycling and pedestrian paths and play areas will be improved. The parking spaces will also be made clearly visible again and there will be more seats.

Work began on Houtwijk last week, and the next Nieuw Waldeck and Mariahoeve will be soon. In Nieuw Waldeck, the district council president hopes the work will be completed before the summer: “Then you basically talk about footpaths through the green areas,” explains Wouter van den Ende.

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What you see in Nieuw Waldeck and other neighborhoods is that the streets and green spaces are not in a good place. This is now being addressed, ”says VVD Council member Chris van der Helm. In 2015, councilor asked questions for the first time to draw attention to the Kraayenstein public space. Now, six years later, work is underway to revamp the public space. I’m happy Very very.It feels special that a shovel is getting into the ground now.It’s also very cool for the neighborhood itself.The outdoor environment is simply very important to people.

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There was a great need to deal with outdoor space in neighborhoods, says Ramon Meesters of Wijkberaad Houtwijk and Wouter van den Ende of Wijkberaad Nieuw Waldeck. ‘It was too big. There was an investigation, to renew everything required € 18 million. Now a little over 6 million euros is being made, ” explains Van den Indy. We’re glad the outdoor space is now being renovated on a massive scale, but we’re not there yet. We liked to see the whole neighborhood over.

“Construction money must be paid for maintenance”

The city council is investing now 20 million euros To revamp the neighborhoods Mariahoff, Hotwijk and New Waldeck. In total, the municipality wants to implement seventeen neighborhood projects, which should allow public spaces to go 15 years ahead. “We are actively working to implement renovation plans. The neighborhood residents have come up with many good ideas. Together we make The Hague more beautiful, accessible and greener. It’s really essential in Loosduinen,” says Alderman Hilbert Bredemeijer.

As we can see, these are investments to offset late maintenance. More structural funds are needed for periodic maintenance. Obviously, that’s less attractive, but that’s where the money goes, “says Meesters. Van der Helm agrees that there should also be a budget for future maintenance. We haven’t even seen it get messy again in a few years. We now have to design the streets and keep them clean. A spokesperson for the local council member says there is always regular maintenance. “This is additional compensation necessary for three neighborhoods that were approved by the council at the end of last year.”

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