Den Haag FM »Racemonster Wouter (10) wants to be the best kart in the Netherlands

What began as a hobby is now more and more serious for Water Bergenau (10). Last weekend, he was on the podium with two Cups in the GK4 Kart Series, the official Dutch-Belgian club championship in Venray. ‘I’m very happy. “It feels good,” says Wouter.

For the first time, Wouter was in a race carriage at the indoor racing car race track in Delft. The weather was bad, and there was nothing else to do. Then I said, ‘Let’s try karting,’ says his father, Sandrine. ‘It was just for fun. “ I immediately enjoyed doing it, ” says Wouter.

So Sandrine enrolled his son in karting. Wouter went to Nootdorp to train every Sunday. There he met someone from the PdB Racing Team from Vlaardingen. He said I could come and train abroad. I thought that was really cool. Since then I’ve been driving horseback riding outside.

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Fast sport

“I think karting is very special. You need good timing, you need to know when to overtake. It is often exciting as well. It’s a fast sport and it is a sport where you make your own choices. In soccer you have a whole team, and in this sport you are more independent. I am.” Really liked that about that.

And Wouter is also good at that. His mechanic and supervisor Geoffrey Hindler, who was himself a former kart player, was proud of Wouter. The beginning was difficult. The master was not satisfied, because on dry land we were a little lacking. We’ve finally found the right setting. Then we said we were going to win the final and he did it great. I am very satisfied. ‘

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Racing this weekend was not easy. To the final meters, Wouter fought against the number two for the win. It was a finished photo, but I still came first. I knew I had won, I could see that I crossed the finish line before the other boy.

This season Wouter continues to lead the GK4 and NK Championships. Wouter has big dreams: “I want to be a hero.”

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