Denise Scotten leaves Veronica inside after Talpa | Turns out

Denise Scotton has stopped working as a reporter on the radio show Veronica is inside. He told this on Instagram. The presenter states that his employer gave him the option to stop with him Veronica is inside Or with his YouTube show Talking gossip.

I got an invitation from Talpa management last week to come and speak urgently. In this conversation they tell me I can’t continue Talking gossipBecause they don’t like this program, “wrote the 25-year-old presenter. I said no to this because I only work for Talpa once a week and I’m getting more basic. I’m not leaving the program because my colleague Jean Ross (who did Gossip Talk, editor) Listed in Talpa’s “blacklist”.

A spokesperson for Talpa says in response that the company only wants to continue working with Schouten when he’s not dealing with content that “features tasteless jokes and hurts people”. We don’t want to tie ourselves to that. Denise did not want to make this promise, which means that the cooperation with him is now over. “

Scotton worked on the show for about three months. In November he announced that he would be leaving the PowNed broadcaster after five years, as he became known for his controversial coverage.

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