Denmark wants fossil domestic flights from 2030

Denmark aims to reduce total emissions by 70 percent by 2030, compared to 1990 levels, “Frederickson said while announcing his plan for travel, which is why we fly.” “If other countries in the world are too slow, Denmark should lead and raise the bar even further,” he said.

Aircraft maker Airbus recently announced plans to make a hydrogen-powered aircraft operational by 2035. “We want to be a pioneer in the most important change in aviation,” CEO Guillaume Faury said of the ambitious plan. The European aircraft manufacturer has offered three different variants as part of the zee concept.

Photo (c) Airbus

If hydrogen used as fuel is created with renewable energy, it is a way for Denmark to achieve its goals. However, it is questionable whether the technology will be ready by the 2030 target and whether the costs will be low enough.

Neighboring Sweden has also announced plans to rid its domestic aircraft of fossil fuels by 2030. Hopes to green international flights by 2045.

France wants to ban domestic flights if the same train journey can be completed within two and a half hours.

New Zealand also has ambitious plans. Air New Zealand and Airbus want to jointly explore whether hydrogen can fly into New Zealand. The airline does not want to generate more emissions by 2050, so it needs to look for innovative solutions.

KLM CEO Peter Elbers also imagines flying electric, he said in the December edition. Aviation News Magazine. According to him, the purchase of an electric training aircraft through KLM Flight Academy is the first step. However, according to Elbers, deploying relatively small and slow electric aircraft at airports such as Schiphol is problematic when looking at runway usage and air traffic control. “With the tangential runway system, the system at Schiphol is one of the most complex in the world,” he says in the interview.

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