Design the new skate park Vliegende Vaart in Terneuzen

In the summer of 2023 we will enter the skate park at Vliegende Vaart Ternussen Completely update. A preparatory committee has already selected a design. In the coming period, we will further refine the design during several design sessions with users. The current skating rink needs to be renovated. The new trail will have versatile slopes suitable for skateboarders, steppers and BMX riders. The opening of the new skate park will take place in the fall.

Boss van Leeuwen

The new skating rink was made possible in part by a former resident Ternussen and skateboarder, Boss van Leeuwen. He is the founder and director of the music label Chilhop Music in Rotterdam, but was an avid skater: “I started skating when I was eleven. Skating brought me into contact with the music, culture and people that form the basis of my business.

Other sports associations have many sponsors from the region. With skateboarding, the target group and it being an individual sport, you don’t have an association to organize it. By returning the piece and culture I owe to my organization, I complete the circle. I hope it inspires and motivates the younger generation to take up such a sport.

Community Activity Skate Park

Alderman László van de Voorte (sport): “When we talk about this initiative, it was great to be reunited with Bass, because we know each other from our childhood on the skate track! The skate park has been in need of renovation for some time. Now there is a versatile, functional design for different users, with whom we want to further develop the selected design.

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It’s great that this project is being realized by a former resident who has a dream for skating and youth. Skaters spend most of their free time on such a track. Hence it fulfills an important function in social interactions, development and mobility.

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