Despair and Tears in Robinson: “What’s Going On in Stefano Kaiser’s Head”? | to watch

Expedition JanssenWho wins any test, is he the hungrier or has the wildest plans to vote on the others? Journalist Dennis Janssen takes a weekly look back at Expedition Janssen Expedite Robinson.

Wasn’t there really an island with so little food? Fellow Wessel, Robinson enthusiast and Croatia expert, had previously wondered: How on earth would they do that in Dugi Otok? There’s nothing.” A few crabs, that’s it. No bananas, no coconuts, not cassava, not even fish. It leads to more hunger and more keratosis. “If only dandelions could I,” TV chef Sandra Esperandi said sadly. Making coffee from its roots.” And farmer Annemiek Koekoek, who could already put together an excellent howling sound: “They can’t throw us on a rock where there is nothing to eat, right?” she cried for it.

Indeed, it is also worth crying. I don’t like hunting, especially when there is nothing to catch. But now I miss Tim Coronel who used to catch fish after fish in the Philippines. I miss searching for food. Hugo Keynes, who differed in cooking. to the Philippines next year.

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It was almost the champ, Rene van Meurs, who was busy catching up. Still very little in the trenches of Schipluidense in the past, because he could not do the right swim (swimming) swimming … Now John de Bever is inclined to a heroic role. The strange thing: Like Robinson, he can do almost nothing. No cooking, no building, and he doesn’t even know what a mosquito net is. What he can do: create an atmosphere. Get rid of the madness. Make a fuss. Bad names. Wietze is Wietske, JayJay is DieJay, Loek is Berry (from Penoza) and Rob is Taste Police. I think it’s cute and silly that he’s still involved. We’re now five episodes on the way and the only person who’s at home (Dennis Scottin) picked it up himself. Those who are voted (Sineke, John, Stefano) get a second chance on another island. What is it all about? What should Kees van der Spek and Toine van Peperstraten, who – fed up of it – instantly pack their bags in 2015 and 2018, not think of?

Expedition Robinson is the mix up for me: I like the competition component of auditions at least, I like the planning and social processes. What would be left of celebrities if their family environment, managers, theater, and social media disappeared? When food becomes survival of the main ingredients. Tonight’s camp Nord Bowl was a pressure cooker for emotions. Stefano Kaiser thought he failed the test. The comedian said to the band, “I can’t live with the idea that I have to vote for someone else tonight, to see how unbelievably good you are, I can’t live with that.”

The eloquent comedian—what a wonderful narrative voice for this guy—begged his fellow campers to vote on him. This led to anger, frustration and sadness. Rene van Mors threw a wand: “I don’t understand anything at all about what’s going on in his head.” Silvana: “Are you crazy?” Yuki: You can’t leave, we need you.” And you’d see big tears. “You were my first friend.”

All that was missing was an interesting development: that the candidates did not vote for Stefano, but someone else. For example, do who has not used her immunity series. Or your anime, who shows so much self-pity that she might be next…

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