Despite a wagon load of stroopwafels, Helmond Sport players are hungry Dutch football

Helmond Sport player and De Graafschap executioner Jordy Thomassen looked forward to starting the holiday with a few delicious Deventer dishes and boxes of beer. Unfortunately for him, the rewards have passed his nose. “The pantry in the house is completely empty. The refrigerator is too.”

A promise is a promise. Thus, Rick Schimmel, sponsor of Go Ahead Eagles, rode a car full of aerials last week to the De Braque stadium, the Helmond Sport Stadium. There he delivered the promised rewards to the club. This is in exchange for a Brabanders draw against De Graafschap, as a result of which the club has been promoted from Deventer directly to the Premier League.

A small setback: Helmond’s players haven’t enjoyed it yet. “I didn’t do any shopping in particular,” said striker Jordi Thomasen. “But I haven’t seen a cake or a bottle of beer yet. The pantry in the house is completely empty. And the fridge too. Don’t they know where I live?”


I find it really annoying how De Graafschap did

Jordi Thomason

Thomassen says it with a smile. Because yeah, it was basically a gimmick of course, a gesture from Deventer. One that is widely appreciated in Brabant, also by Thomassen. However, Helmond Sport management didn’t want to give too much publicity for the delivery of stroopwafel and beer from Go Ahead sponsor Schimmel. This is in order not to challenge the already troubled De Graafschap more. That’s why Heel Helmond Support received gifts. The latter then donated delicious food to staff and residents of the De Pannenhoeve Residential Care Center, located near De Braak.

Thomassen, former de Graafschap player:, I find it really annoying how De Graafschap performed. This is and will be a beautiful club with great fans. But you can’t blame us for trying to get a result there, don’t you think? “


Driving 300 kilometers round trip every week to drive through a car wash is a very long journey

Jeff Stanz

If only because of those promised variants, beer bottles and the possibility of a year of free car washes, then another commitment made by the Go Ahead sponsor. But in this field, too, there is still little to be enjoyed by Helmond Sport’s players.

At the moment, none of them have been spotted at the relevant Deventer car wash. Midfielder Jeff Stanz says this isn’t necessarily a lack of desire. A routine is someone who dares to take on a challenge. He did pushups with Willem Hollider, for example, as he did as a sports teacher at De Schie in Rotterdam. “But driving the 300 kilometers back and forth every week to drive through a car wash is a long way,” says Stance. “And then it may rain my car is clean here in front of the door.”

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