Despite the hard-line approach to the epidemic, two more coronavirus deaths have been reported in China | Abroad

Despite the crackdown on the coronavirus, the new recovery in China has led to the first deaths in more than a year. In the northeastern region of Jilin, two people died, up to the whole of 2021 in China. The last time people in the country died from Covid-19 was on January 26, 2021.

China is suffering from the re-emergence of the second virus, type BA.2. More than 10,000 infections were recorded in the first two weeks of March. Amazing, because that’s more injuries than in the whole of 2021. That year, China’s “zero-tolerance approach” seemed to work, and only two deaths from Covid were reported in the country.

China is fully testing and in the event of infection with the virus closes factories and other facilities immediately. In the past 24 hours, 4,051 Chinese have tested positive, which is more than 300 less than on Friday. Sometimes entire cities have to close. Last week, China locked down the northeastern city of Changchun, which is home to 9 million people.

inverting current wave

China’s Jilin Province currently has the highest number of infections since the country’s recovery. Jilin, which borders North Korea and Russia, accounts for two-thirds of the country’s total number of infections, and is thus at the center of the current wave. In the affected province, China is building hospitals and isolation facilities at lightning speed.

The latest deaths bring the total number of victims reported since the beginning of the epidemic to 4,638. Yesterday, the country recorded 2,228 new cases of coronavirus, compared to 2,416 the day before.

The first victims over a year ago immediately received a lot of attention on social media. The topic of ‘two new coronavirus deaths in Jilin’ has been a trending topic on the Chinese Twitter-like platform Weibo for a while. Users in particular would like more information about the two victims.

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