Despite the impending recession, data centers continue to grow

Amazon even agreed in an interview Bloomberg An exception to the hiring freeze announced earlier this month should be made in order not to delay the construction of new data centers. New recruits will be hired early next year.

Recession is not a problem

Data center construction does not appear to have been held back by deteriorating macroeconomic conditions. In its last discussion of quarterly figures, Amazon indicated that growth in the cloud segment was under pressure due to declining customer demand and sharply rising energy costs.

According to Baron Fung, analyst at Dell’Oro, published earlier this month Registration Department Cited, cloud giants follow a counter-rotation principle with their hyperscale data centers. Fung says these companies are really looking at the long term. Mark Carman, who is responsible for marketing and sales at AWS, says in a Bloomberg interview that the company is aligning construction activities with demand. “We have a lot of supply chain models that indicate that we need to continue to build data centers, so we will continue to build them.”

Problems with manufacturing equipment at key suppliers can delay construction, fear of mold. The lack of chips is ultimately to blame.

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