Despite the increased competition, the Dutch rovers also won ten medals in Bosnan

Eight of the women won fourth gold. Helmswoman Dieuwke Fetter and sailors Benthe Boonstra, Laila Youssifou, Hermijntje Drenth, Marloes Oldenburg, Roos de Jong, Tinka Offereins, Ymkje Clevering and Veronique Meester defeated Denmark and Australia.

The Coxless Quartet (Marlos Oldenburg, Pente Boonstra, Hermijintze Trent and Dinga Ofrins) won silver. With 6.41.23 they were two and a half seconds shorter than Australia. Double fours (Nika Vos, Tessa Dulemans, Ills Golkman and Pente Polis) took more bronze than China and Switzerland.

Duvlar takes the gold in the skip

Melvin Duweller won gold in the men’s category. With 6.51.38 he was five seconds faster than the single scull competition.

Dweller, 25, has been sailing in double sculls with Steff Broning in recent years. In 2020 they won the European title in Bosnan, and a year later they finished second at the European Championships. Captured silver again at the Olympics.

Broning is now forming a pair of double sculls with Goyan Matchmakers. They finished third in Australia at the same time as Bosnan, which also won a bronze medal.

Nicki von Sprong and Leonard von Leorop won silver in the Coxless Two Glass behind the United States. Two Dutch boats without a helmsman took part in four. The Netherlands 1 (Ralf and Rik Rienks, Ruben Knab and Sander de Graaf) finished second on 6.04.21, while the Netherlands 2 (Bjørn van den Ende, Nelson Ritsema, Michiel Mantel and Mick Makker) finished fifth.

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