Dichter pays tribute to all the people who live, work, and study at Utrecht Science Park

Hanneke van Eijken is honored by the Utrecht City Poets Union International Poetry Day, Which takes place on Sunday, he wrote a poem. It is an ode to all the people who live, work, and study in Utrecht Science Park.

The poem is called How the Light Shows. In a video, Van Ejken, who is also a lecturer at Utrecht University, records the text of the piece himself. The video also shows beautiful drone photos of Utrecht Science Park and the rest of the city.

“Light” is a reference to science, the light of the “Sun of Justice” of Utrecht University, but also the light stored in our bones, and the structure of our DNA. In a year in which there were empty lecture halls, full integrated circuits, health workers, animal caregivers, scientists and businessmen forced to continue working and studying under difficult conditions, this poem is a poem, a poetry bow, a bird singing to all The people who live in Utrecht Science Park From home since a year, they work hard to bridge the gap between the present and our future. “Not least for all of the patients who have been dependent on quality care in the past year,” Van Eijen says.

People touched by the poem can read the text Are they delivered to your home for free?. They will then receive an incremental paper card. Watch the video below.

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