Dictator Kim Jong Un is in good health despite losing weight | abroad

“If there is anything strange about his health condition, there must be indications that medicines have been imported into Kim’s health clinic,” politician Kim Byung-ki said after being briefed by the intelligence. The North Korean leader is also said to take part in meetings that “take hours” and the way he walks is not striking.

The health of the 37-year-old Kim is also closely monitored outside his country. If he dies, it is unclear who will take power in the isolated dictatorship. It repeatedly caused major international upheavals by testing long-range missiles and conducting nuclear tests.

This week, rumors spread in South Korea that Kim had died of a cerebral hemorrhage, Yonhap News Agency reported. They don’t seem right. North Korean state media reported Thursday that the leader visited the mausoleum of his grandfather Kim Il-sung, who died on July 8, 1994.

Analysts immediately bowed to the photos of the memorial ceremony. They could say something about the balance of power within the mysterious system. For example, it was noticed that important advisor Ri Byung-chul was not at the front in a group photo, but several rows behind Kim. This indicates that he has been demoted.

The soldiers in the photo were not surrounded by Kim, but were surrounded by plainclothes officials. An expert from the US research organization “CNA” concluded that the strong army “appears to be descending”. This is an indication that the dictator wants to give priority to solving his country’s economic problems. Not his nuclear program.

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