Died after a storm in Crete, flights diverted

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A man was killed after severe storms on the Greek island of Crete. Heavy rains caused flooding in the northern part of the island. The man’s car was dragged into the sea near the village of Agia Pelagia.

The floods also caused severe inconvenience in other places. The fire brigade received hundreds of calls around flooded homes and the airport in the capital, Heraklion, was closed for several hours.

Other cars were also towed with water. In the streets of Agia Pelagia great ruin:

Severe flooding on the Greek island of Crete

No planes can depart from Heraklion. Aircraft bound for the island have been diverted. For example, three flights departed from Transavia to Heraklion bound for Athens and Chania, located in the western part of Crete. Passengers are accommodated in hotels.

The photos show that Heraklion Airport was crowded with passengers who were hoping they could make a flight after all. The airport is now open again.

Meteorologists expect the storm to move east now. A severe weather warning for the Dodecanese archipelago has been issued via text message. Islands such as Rhodes and Kos, popular with tourists, are also part of this archipelago.

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