Diemen seniors party asks questions about the safety of playground equipment


Demen – Demen faction The Elderly Party put written questions to the municipal executive about the safety of playground equipment in Demen.

Playground equipment in public places must be safe and must therefore be checked periodically. On July 1, 2023, the New Goods Act on Attractions and Play Equipment Ordinance 2023 will come into force. In January 2017, the policy has already been tightened. Playground equipment that has not obtained the usable approval certificate can be taken out. Demen has many children’s playground equipment in the public playgrounds. As the owner and manager, the municipality must have a management plan in place, inspect the appliances regularly and maintain them properly and keep them in a current record or file.”

“Following complaints from a resident, we have attempted to investigate further the safety of playground equipment in Demen. It appears that information on this is not readily available to the public. The supplier must deliver a safe and approved equipment. Actual use, wear and tear, and possibly a change of views on Safety in this. Periodic checks should show whether a device can still be used or not.”

Demin of the Elder Party asked the following questions to the municipal executive.

– Are all the playground equipment in the public space in Demen certified?

– Does Demen Municipality have a management plan for playground equipment in public places?

– Are all playground equipment in public places in Demen inspected periodically? If so, who?

How is the playground equipment maintained?

Do you keep a record of these activities?

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– Would you like to publish the information from the previous questions on the website of the Municipality of Demen, so that it is clear to everyone, but especially to the parents or grandparents of the children, what is the safety condition of the playground equipment?

Demen Seniors Party sent photos to the municipal executive director of a playground that did not meet the requirements. As a result of those photos, the party asked questions to the college.

When was the playground equipment last checked? By whom and what was the result?

– What action did you take after this photo was sent to you?

– Do you agree that we should stop using playground equipment immediately?

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