Dinosaur bones have been found in Australia and are the largest

Scientists say they have discovered a new dinosaur Ocean In a decade-long study of bones found in Australia. Their research also found that this animal is one of the largest dinosaurs.

Pierre – Journal of Life and Environmental Science published the results of the study. The study was carried out by scientists from the Irish Natural History Museum and the Queensland Museum. The results came 17 years after farmers discovered the bones.

Scientists say the dinosaur is a plant species, which differs from one type of dinosaur by its large size.

Dr. Hognall Stott meets the ‘Cooper’ boat (Iromanga Natural History Museum / Hand-out via Reuters)

The group calls the new species “Cooper”, an acronym for its scientific name. They say he lived between 92 million and 96 million years ago during the Cretaceous. At that time, the country now known as Australia was annexed to Antarctica.

Scientists studying dinosaurs estimate that the four-legged dinosaur reached a height of 5 to 6.5 meters Side. Its length is 25-30 meters. It will do as long as there is a file Basketball The length of a typical two-story building.

The dinosaur species is the largest ever found in Australia. It ranked in the top five in the world. The other five largest dinosaurs were found only in South America.

Paleontologists have named the ancient reptiles “Astralotian Coperensis”. Australia means “South”. Titan. Couprensis comes from the name of a small river in the Iromanga region of Queensland. A local family found the bones on their cattle farm in 2006.

Dinosaur bones are very large and heavy, but fragile and easy to break. It took many years to repair the bones.

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A team from the Iromanga Natural History Museum and the Queensland Museum of Orthopedics studied the bones using new computer technology. Scientists helped early adopters to compare Cooper’s bones with other dinosaurs.

Research Group ‘Cooper’ (Iromanga Natural History Museum / Guide via Reuters)

Scott Hoagnall works at the Queensland Museum and is an archaeologist. He said: ‘To confirm that the Astralotian was a different species, its bones had to be compared with other species in Queensland. Worldwide. He said it was a long and difficult process.

Robin and Stewart McKenzie were working on their farm when they first discovered ancient bones in 2004. Euromanga founded the Natural History Museum to preserve the finds.

Other dinosaur skeletons and a possible robotic trajectory have also been found in the area. Research on these findings continues.

Robin McKenzie is now an archaeologist. He said he expects many international visitors to come to Euromanga once the Australian borders reopen.

Scott Hagnol said large carnivorous dinosaurs hunted robots. He suggested that the bones of this type of dinosaur were often found in the area, “and we have not yet found them.”

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The words in this story

Ocean zn. A group of animals or plants that can produce small animals or plants that are similar to each other

Side No.. The area of ​​your body between your hips and legs on each side

Basketball zn. A game in which two teams of five players jump on the ball and try to get points by throwing the ball through one of the raised nets at the end of each rectangular field.

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Titan zn. The largest and most powerful person, company or animal

Museum No.. A building where interesting and valuable objects (such as paintings, sculptures, scientific or historical objects) are collected and distributed to the public

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