Directors of security firm G4S released from UK fraud case

Photo: ANP

Three former executives of a subsidiary of security group G4S are no longer on trial for fraud in the UK. The UK government agency that investigates serious fraud, the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), has dropped all charges against the directors.

In 2013, the Counter-Terrorism Office launched an investigation into the British subsidiary of G4S, which specifically organizes surveillance of judicial institutions. The company allegedly overcharged the government for services such as electronic monitoring of prisoners, including charging fees for monitoring deceased persons.

The company itself reached a $1 million settlement in 2020 to avoid further prosecution, but the Serious Fraud Office also filed a fraud lawsuit against the subsidiary’s former general manager, commercial director and chief financial officer. The Serious Fraud Office said all charges have now been dropped “because it is no longer in the public interest for this case to continue”.

Counsel for one of the defendants argues that the Counter-Terrorism Office does not have sufficient evidence of fraud. The scam fighters had also shared crucial last-minute documents that undermined their case.

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