Dirk Quidd is well known in the English media as an analyst

Dirk Quidd is well known in the English media as an analyst

Dirk Quidd.
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Dirk Quidditch is well located in the UK. The man, who announced last week that he was focusing on his development as a coach outside of Finord, was soon discovered by British television and media as a strong football analyst.

Quidditch entered the Netherlands Zigo Sport, But has received numerous calls from such important stations Sky Sports.

Quidditch explains in England that he wants to grow as a good coach. He holds the documents of his professional football coach and has not ruled out a return to England. He did not want to be involved in a small project for a short period of time. “I have ambitions and my focus is on a solid life,” Quidditch said.

Quidditch also explains in his first English column why J ஜூrgen Klopp wants to see the kitchen in the future. “Every sight you see of him is taken by Liverpool. As a former Liverpool player, the door is always open for me. Once you earn your credits for the club, you will be part of the family forever.”

Quidditch sees Globe as very good as a coach and still wants to learn from him. If the trip between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom had not been so complicated, he would have been looking at Germany on his shoulders for a while this season.

“What’s special about Klopp is that he first built a magnificent club in Dortmund, a big club in Germany, and now he’s done the same in Liverpool. In my opinion, these two clubs are perfectly suited to him as a person and as a coach. , He is simply the personality of Dortmund and Liverpool. ”

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