Discover art in public spaces in Arnhem now also online

Arnhem has nearly 300 artworks in public spaces. To allow everyone to enjoy the artwork and the stories behind it, the site is today Launched. The site offers a variety for young and old.

Art in public

Kathleen Bokamp, ​​Alderman for Culture: “Public space in our city belongs to everyone. Nearly 300 visual works of art can be found there in Arnhem. Spread across all regions, whether you are in Alteveer, Presikhaaf, Malburgen or Schuytgraaf. Using the website, You can find out what artworks are and where they are and what information is available. For example, art that everyone in the city can see can also be found online.”

Stylites – Jeroen Melkert – Photo: Arnhem Municipality

rich history

Through the Buitenkunst Arnhem you can learn about art in your area or you can explore an unknown route. While riding your bike or walking in Arnhem, you will come across art by Remy Zag, Alphonse ter Avest, Maria Rosen, Nameloz and many other local and talented (international) artists. Sculptures alternate with environmental artwork, street art, light installations, and monuments.

Since the first Sonsbeek exhibition in 1949, hundreds of artworks have been shown in Arnhem, after which some have been given a permanent place. The Spitting Leaders in Park Presikhaar, murals under the Nelson Mandela and Lazy King Bridge in Sonsbeek Park. Many of them are indispensable in Arnhem!

Art is always near

To give more attention to the diverse collection in the city, postcards are distributed at various places in the city. In addition, it is now possible to listen to outdoor art in Arnhem via a podcast. Podcasts can be listened to via spotify Under the name: Kunstcast Arnhem. In the first podcast, young Arnhem makers from Wildgewelf take listeners on a journey of discovery through an art trail in Geitenkamp and Monnikenhuizen. They talk to a local about art in public.
Soon all artworks will receive a QR code so that the information on the site is always at hand.

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