Discover the diversity of colorful Australia

Have you ever wanted to travel through Australia? Fortunately, more and more countries are opening up to international travelers and the rules are becoming more flexible. Doing one often COVID-19 No need to check before departure. Time to board the plane!

Whatever your interests, Australia is a very diverse and large country, there is something for everyone to see and do. Even if you have been there before. Take Western Australia for example. This state covers a large area with incredibly diverse terrain.

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The invention of Western Australia Starting in Perth: The most remote city in the world. You will soon feel at home due to the calm atmosphere and perfect climate. Take a stroll through Kings Park, relax on one of the dazzling beaches and explore the city. Take the train to Fremond, a creative village south of the city, and enjoy locally caught seafood and craft beer at the Cicerolos and Little Creatures Brewery.

Special natural events

From Perth you can choose rough, flawless north or beautiful south. If you like adventure, choose North. Half an hour outside the city you are in an already unoccupied country. With endless road and nature. Along the way, stop at the huge white sand dunes of the Lanzeline and Pinnacles Desert, both of which are remarkable natural phenomena.

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Continue to Calbury with its beautiful rock formations and with a little luck, you will see the whales jump spectacularly from the shore. Also on the Ningloo Reef are Coral Bay and Xmouth. Both places have beautiful beaches and deep blue seas, which is amazing for snorkeling and diving. Perhaps this paradise is the best secret in the country. Also, you can swim with a whale shark between March and August!

The starry sky

A little further inland is the Karijini National Park. Another well-kept secret. Walk through the valleys and swim in the natural pools carved into the rocks. At night, admire the millions of stars that illuminate the sky.


For untouched nature, culture and wine, head south to Western Australia. Cross the coastal villages and reach the Margaret River after five hours. This wine region is an oasis of peace. Enjoy the wine in one of the vineyards, visit the lighthouse of the historic Cape Liu, walk through the woods with unique charcoal trees and meet local artists in their studios. Further east, coastal cities such as Albany and Esperance are waiting to be discovered.

Sea of ​​flowers

The return route to Perth runs through the Stirling Mountains. With rolling terrain interspersed with mountain ranges. In the spring, wildflowers cover the endless fields. A desire for the eye.

Of course you can combine different travel elements to create your personal vacation. The options are endless! If you need help with this, please contact TravelEssence.

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