Discover the other side of the world in Australia and New Zealand

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Fraser Island Australia © Stan Polik-pixabay

Visit the other side of the world by booking a trip to Australia or New Zealand. Both countries have a lot to offer in terms of nature and culture. You don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to relax there after a busy time at work or during your studies; Both countries have many beautiful beaches. Read more about what it is in this article Travel to Australia And makes New Zealand more valuable.

Tip: Check out some photos of these countries online. After all, a picture is often worth a thousand words! Click hereIf you specifically want to know about what New Zealand has to offer during the tour.

Many beautiful and diverse national parks

A visit to Australia or New Zealand will give you a taste of the beautiful flora and fauna that the other side of the world has to offer its guests. Rent a 4WD to one of these countries’ vast national parks. Do not do this alone, but always with a local guide. This guide knows how to take you to the most beautiful places in the national park, where you can enjoy beautiful views of the environment or beautiful views of flora and fauna that you only know from pictures on television. Well-known national parks in Australia include the Blue Mountains, Kakadu and Fraser Island. In New Zealand you can find, among others, Tongariro National Park and Abel Tasman National Park.

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Relax on the wide beaches

As mentioned earlier, both Australia and New Zealand have extensive coastlines. Did you know that Australia has a coastline of no less than 25,760 kilometers? With over 10,000 kilometers of coastline in New Zealand you will find countless beaches that are great for a staycation. It offers all the space you need to fully relax and give space to the impressions you get during your travels in these countries.

Best time to visit Australia and New Zealand

While it’s winter in Europe, you can enjoy the summer months in Australia and New Zealand. So it is wise to travel to the other side of the world during the European winter. This does not apply to the whole of Australia; May to October is the best time to visit the center and north of the country.

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