Discover X2O pools in collaboration with vtwonen

The bathroom of your dreams is within easy reach. Together with the vtwonen in-house platform, we would like to inspire you to achieve this goal. Want to bring the feel of a luxury hotel into your own space? Or do you prefer the practical side? We offer something for everyone and show you four carefully composed bathroom interior designs.

Enjoy your personal wellness

Do you want to relax in your home spa? Then one can free standing bathroom Not to be missed, the best eye catching in your room. He. She Scala bathroom It exudes luxury and at the same time has a calm look. An indented ledge at the bottom gives the bathroom a floating look. Durable solid surface material. It feels soft and powerful at the same time. Complete all with Freestanding bathroom faucet, preferably royal gold

Spacious shower cubicle It is the next bathroom must! The feeling of openness and the option to enter from either side is amazing. The golden rain shower set It makes the whole thing look more elegant. Eye-catching details: file shower tray It’s finished in ceramic, but in a Calacatta marble pattern.

We see that distinctive print in the sunken washing machine† He. She Home furniture It comes from the Balmani Cubo collection. The perfect choice for design enthusiasts with enough storage space to store all your favorite grooming products. golden Crane Gives furniture a luxurious touch, just like mirrors with rounded corners. By the way, both versions are equipped with an anti-fog function in addition to lighting. If these are not nice additions!

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Discover X2O pools in collaboration with vtwonen

Enough space for the whole family

Do you have a big family? So your bathroom should be functional above all else, although that shouldn’t stop you from turning it into a modern space. a standing furniture It is a smart choice, for example. This version has up to 50% more storage space compared to its floating counterpart. The drawers are also 100% extendable, so you can easily reach your belongings. The soft closing feature is perfect for not waking anyone up when you slide to open the drawer. Not enough space yet? Immediately mirror cabinet Choose a large mirror and closet space in one.

The practical bathroom is very suitable for the whole family. Corner bath finds its place in every room. He. She Otello حمام bathroom Very convenient for two people and you can easily match the color of the drain stopper to the color of the bathroom faucet. Nice addition! The double-walled side ensures that the water stays warm for a long time, which is ideal if the kids want to play in the bath a little longer.

A powerful shower complements the family bathroom. Nicely large shower, also in case Luca Faris Murano shower corner† The sliding door retains heat and doesn’t take up much space at the same time. The black design is stunningly beautiful, especially in combination with black tap and the radiator black towel

Discover X2O pools in collaboration with vtwonen

Compact, practical and very elegant

Making effective choices, that’s what comes when designing a smaller bathroom. It is important that the space does not feel too cramped. So choose Floating Basin Cabinet With two drawers and expansion with matching bathroom cabinet To lose all your things. Pay attention to durable materials such as hard surface, which last longer. The oval mirror It gives a modern touch to the room. In addition, it is equipped with illumination and a manual anti-fog function. This way you will not have to make space for an additional light source.

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Small shower space? A shower place is your solution. This way you will also have a perfect place for you on the other side of the room radiator towel It heats your bathroom and dries your towels at the same time. bathroom to revolving doorchrome shower faucet and agreement shower tray† The door ensures a pleasant temperature while showering. Light colors and materials make everyone feel comfortable.

Discover X2O pools in collaboration with vtwonen

A luxury hotel feeling at home

Have you ever seen a black pigeon? Maybe in a hotel? You can now also simply integrate it into your bathroom. Luca Varess Beautiful Matte Bath It is striking in your room. The slim brim feels great in design and the double wall keeps the water warm for a long time. The high-quality acrylic version is very hygienic and easy to maintain. Freestanding black bathroom faucet It makes everything unique.

An impressive walk-in shower is often part of a luxury hotel bathroom. Choose a file shower rounding for your home. The black stripes give a cool side and match the color of the bathroom well. matte black rain shower set Makes every shower happy. The nozzles are easy to rotate, so that maintenance becomes very easy. Safe touch technology ensures that the faucet does not get hot.

Discover X2O pools in collaboration with vtwonen
The most luxurious material par excellence is marble. And the combination of solid wood makes it more royal, as it were. Interaction between Balmani Forma Home furniture Including vertical slats and dark marble shade of washing bowl abnormal. Moreover, each piece of marble is unique. Matte black finish taps sublime.

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Want to give your bathroom a makeover? Be inspired by X20 and vtwonen indoor platform With these four beautiful bathrooms, fully finished. Come and discover our complete collection at Showrooms or Online† we are waiting for you!

Discover X2O pools in collaboration with vtwonen

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