Discovering a 20-million-year-old tree: ‘a unique look at history’

The fossilized tree is 19.5 meters tall and still has almost all branches and roots in it. At the site where it was found, a search was carried out in the forest that stood there millions of years ago 25 years ago.

According to Zoros, the discovery is “unique” for the island. The tree was covered with a thick layer of ash and lava after a volcanic eruption 17 to 20 million years ago, along with the rest of Lesbos.

150 stumps and stumps

Zouros has been researching the island of Lesvos for decades. “The more we discover here, the better we understand what nature and climate looked like at the time,” says researcher V. Watchman. In addition to the tree, the team of archaeologists also found 150 stems and stems.

Sustainability professor Ian Stewart of the University of Plymouth described his Greek colleague’s discovery as “a unique vision of our history”. According to him, this insight is much needed, because our earth heats up very quickly.

“What awaits us”

“There was a world much warmer than a greenhouse at the time,” says Stewart. “What we learn from this may be an indication of what to expect if we do not act in the climate change emergency.”

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