May 26, 2024


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Disney + Series ‘Secret Invasion Launching Very Soon

Disney + Series 'Secret Invasion Launching Very Soon

Filming for Secret Invasion will start soon. Very good news.

Now recordings moon knight in a Strong woman Nearing completion, the next batch of Marvel Studios projects is almost ready to shoot. This specifically means that secret invasion Almost ready to start.

This is according to Charles Murphy on Twitter. Murphy usually has insiders inside Marvel Studios, so his stories aren’t usually that bad. In this case, we assume his scoop is correct.

Quick start
Murphy reports that shooting will begin in mid-August. These should then continue until sometime in December. If that were true, we wouldn’t even have to wait that long for the TV series.

There is a good chance that producers will need half a year to three quarters of a year after recordings are completed. This means that the series can be watched on Disney+ in the second half of the year.

secret invasion Founded in the United Kingdom. The main roles are for Samuel L. Jackson, who can be seen as Nick Fury, and Ben Mendelsohn as Talos. Together they face an invasion of shape-shifters on Earth.

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