District Vision The Triangle will provide space for sustainability initiatives

SLIEDRECHT – On Tuesday evening 21 March 2023 the city council discussed plans for the De Driehoek district, located on the other side of the A15 motorway in the north of the Baanhoek-west district. The council’s plan is to make room there for sustainability initiatives “within the specific spatial frameworks aimed at the development of the integrated district”. Political parties can agree to this and Tuesday evening, among other things, polished frames and fanning to their liking.

Councilman Vincent Prince (CDA) speaks at City Hall Tuesday night. (Photo by Peter Dunk/Sledrecht24)

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Japanese Knotweed
The CDA has been allowed to bite the bullet and is positive about the green triangle layout. “There’s talk of a lot of variation on the green. Unfortunately, Japanese Knotweed is also now growing in the Triangle. This plant does a lot of damage to buildings and infrastructure. Unfortunately, I don’t read anything about this in Seeing the Zone, while That the control of the Japanese knotweed is essential for the proper development of the Triangle. There is only a brief comment about this in the proposal. There it is called a ‘point of interest.’ Council Member Vincent Prins (CDA) said I personally prefer to call it a ‘high priority’.

Calculation error?
According to Prinze, green hydrogen offers great opportunities for the future. Prins: “The vision of the area contains information about electrolysis of hydrogen. Electrolysis is a method of using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. You can then use hydrogen as fuel. It assumes a 5-megawatt electrolysis installation, with potential for future expansion to 10 megawatts. Any About 3,000 to 5,000 square meters. It is also assumed that 20 megawatts will be installed. She says that 30,000 square meters are needed for that. That’s a big difference.” Prince asked Alderman in Charge Ton Speck (CDA) to take another look at the numbers. Prinz: “CDA Sliedrecht wants to prevent a computational error in seeing the area that results in a very small area for hydrogen production later on.”

Green power
The vision for the area states that the electrolysis installation will be connected to solar panels. At night, of course, this does us little good. Prins: “Trains use green electricity during the day and nothing at night. Windmills always spin at sea. Day and night.” Minister Cetin wrote two weeks ago that the connection to the overhead lines can certainly contribute to a more efficient use of the energy system. Prince asked: “Is the alderman willing to investigate whether an electrolysis installation can be connected to the overhead lines of the Mroyding Line?”

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energy transmission
The VVD thinks seeing the De Driehoek area is an excellent proposition. On the one hand, we have a piece of land. We considered the possibilities of developing this for a long time, but it turned out to be really not easy. Only non-intensive jobs can land here. In short: you can’t do anything. Don’t live, don’t work. On the other hand, we have to work on energy transmission. Energy generation must be more sustainable and we must – if possible – become less dependent on other countries. This transition requires space and space is scarce. You are always looking at the best use of a piece of land or an area. To give an example: The VVD is not really in favor of large sunbathing areas on usable agricultural land. But on the roofs of buildings. This is of course ideal,” said council member Martin van Rossum (VVD).

Good mixture
According to the VVD, combining the energy transition and this site together is a smart move. Van Rossum: “Exemplary case 1 +1 = 3. This proposal can therefore count on the support of the VVD. It’s also good to see that people are actively working on this key task. And it’s also good that diversity is taken into account. So we’re looking at, Among others: sun, hydrogen and geothermal energy. A good combination is important to be able to generate and store energy in different conditions. We have another question for the faculty. During the photography meeting we also asked who: so who will exploit the fields with solar panels for example In concrete terms: In the past there were different cooperatives that asked: Are there possibilities for an energy cooperative in Sliedrecht?

action and coherence
In order to be climate and energy neutral by 2050, we must contribute to the energy transition, according to SGP-ChristenUnie. “How wonderful then to have as a municipality an area with which you can not do much, but with which you can do a lot. To bring about transformation in the area and direct it in the right direction, there is a need for the vision of the area. It is important that the initiatives work well in their own right and that consideration is given to it together.For a frame, this looks good with the pretty lines that match the more low-profile.A space for water with potential for eco-values, that’s good.Council member Gerard van Urk (SGP-ChristenUnie) said:

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security check
Overall, according to Van Urk, there is a vision of the area that, as far as SGP-ChristenUnie is concerned, provides enough scope to develop beautiful sustainability initiatives within the playbook. Van Urk: “This is another good step towards implementing our sustainability ambitions. We as a group are aware that the Triangle is also a challenge, because it is not clear what sustainability initiatives will be developed and when. This also carries risks. As far as SGP-ChristenUnie is concerned “It makes sense to have an additional external safety check. We look forward to the results of that. As SGP-ChristenUnie, we assume that the Triangle will become a source of sustainable energy for many Sliedrechters.”

happy with – happy with
In mid-December 2022, according to PvdA, a very clear presentation about the area’s vision was given to Driehoek during a shooting meeting. “By the way, a presentation in which not all questions can be answered yet, but this is mainly due to the early stage in which these plans are currently still in place. Because this is the vision of a region, or the document in which the global frameworks for the region that are to be developed and that are yet to be developed are formulated That in a more realistic plan,” said party leader Ben van der Plas (PvdA), “the Labor faction is pleased with this development. In 2019 we have yet to come to the conclusion that the exploitation of the De Driehoek area as a business park was in any way impossible.” of shapes due to the high costs of opening the area. At the time, according to van der Plaas, it was argued that the destination of sustainability initiatives would require fewer traffic and would therefore be more promising.

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In seeing the same area, PvdA sees three sustainability initiatives being explored further, namely geothermal energy, hydrogen field production and solar energy. van der Plaas: “The document also states that technical analysis of a number of small wind turbines has been included in the vision for completeness, despite limited social and political support for this. Elsewhere in the article, under the chapter ‘Making Choices’, we read that Wind turbines are not part of the desired sustainability initiatives, precisely because of the lack of adequate social and political support.” Van der Plaas wanted to know if there really wouldn’t be wind turbines. The PvdA faction has said it can agree with this development vision of De Driehoek and looks forward to further elaboration, which we hope will also demonstrate what contribution these initiatives will ultimately make to making Sliedrecht more sustainable.

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Alderman Roelant Bijderwieden will give more clarity to the city council on Tuesday evening. (Photo by Peter Dunk/Sledrecht24)

support base
Alderman Roelant Bijderwieden (VVD) from Land Affairs is pleased that there is support. “It’s an early stage show. They are the global frameworks. Exactly what it should look like is the next stage,” said Bigdroyden. According to him, initiatives have been taken to see what is possible at De Driehoek (see map in this article – ed.). For Bijderwieden, it is up to the initiator to do something with Japanese knotweed. “But it should be unrestricted,” said the local councilor. Bijderwieden confirmed that there would be no wind turbines in De Driehoek for safety reasons. Bijderwieden also said that environmental law, Which will be presented on January 1, 2024 (postponed), it will have an impact. “Like everything else,” says Bigroyden. It will be a hammer piece with an explanation for voting on Tuesday, March 28, 2023.

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