May 26, 2024


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“Do Harry and Meghan’s noses still point in the same direction?”

“Do Harry and Meghan’s noses still point in the same direction?”

Journalist and community observer Ella Vermeulen comments on the world of Hollywood and its surroundings. This month: Meghan and Harry pictured.

“There is no entertainment more pleasant than gloating. I had never heard of the expression “burnt croquette” before Rachel Hazes thought it necessary to demand a judicial ban on this pet name. And now I can think of nothing else when I see Mrs. Hazes. Exactly what she wanted to avoid. Just as I immediately think of diet pills when Samantha Stenwick came into the picture, while saying she’d lost 22 kilos thanks to just ‘riding and eating smaller portions’. This also became a judicial issue, as if the judiciary could not spend its time better than with the wounded.”

When it comes to wounded egos, Harry says he could fill four hundred more pages on the subject. I don’t doubt it for a moment, though I do worry about its revenue model. Although the book sold well, it was not received as expected. Where Harry has thrown himself into the awakened victim/vandalist role assuming this would engender understanding and admiration, he’s basically been asked to back off a bit, with all his perks. Prove once again that sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut. Harry’s wife Meghan knows that.

“In the media frenzy surrounding the book”SpareIt was completely invisible. Which is unnatural for a Narcista of Sussex, who usually attaches herself to her husband with a steely grin, nudges him, nods encouragingly and puts his hand on her lap when she thinks he is not affectionate enough in public. It being none of this, Meg is silent in Montecito (their hometown, ed.), knowing it’s going to be windy. The Netflix documentary, in which she is the leading lady, with Harry as a benevolent backdrop. She didn’t seem to feel the need to turn the tables in order toSpareI get it. Megan is an intelligent woman who always took care of herself. Where Harry doesn’t go further than “I’ll write another book,” she thinks about the long term.

In the UK, the call is rising for their titles to be withdrawn. Even in America, where they are more popular, Harry is accused of only wanting to cash in on his family’s back. If the image of a touchy spoiled prince can’t be amended, Markle Sparkle doesn’t want to be bothered, regardless. Whether or not she stays with him. Someone should have told Harry before he burns all bridges with his family and shares the triumph of his grievances with the world. If anyone from this group emerges as a hero, it will be Meghan. Harry’s image as an oppressed teenager will not go away and with all A story and every request for an apology delves into it. Be careful what you wish forHarold. “

Text: Ella Vermeulen | Photo: NL Image