Do the Coen brothers exchange movies in the theater?

A cowboy hitting the ground with a shovel in vain, “The ground is too hard. Well, if they wanted a decent funeral, they would have killed themselves in the summer.” or “Did I say you can sit?” “No, but you strike me as a man who doesn’t want to waste a chair.” These are unmistakable dialogues from the impressive film repertoire of brothers Joel and Ethan Coen. American directors have been making genre variations for years winning the duo more than once. But for a while, it wasn’t “The Coen Brothers” anymore but only Joel Coen who was behind the camera. Brother Ethan completely threw himself into the world of theater. Joel Coen who is still filming is coming this month with his first solo movie, The tragedy of Macbeth, which is actually quite similar to the play. “That’s just like you think, man.”

Do the Coen brothers exchange movies in the theater?

A play is a poem, the first theatrical production written and directed by Ethan Coen, premiered in 2019. Five stories full of black humor in the style of noir, the piece clearly was his. For the ten years leading up to this, the director wrote the theatrical script in between his film productions. Shortly after the Los Angeles premiere Ethan He will put his film career at the forefront. An almost unimaginable statement from someone who, along with his brother, is one of the most successful names in Hollywood, but Ethan’s decision is certain.

Joel and Ethan Coen, regular D Queen Brothers They are known from the many American feature films they have made since the 1980s. Among other things, burdened with awards, work Fargo in a There is no country for old men But also cult classics like Miller’s Crossing, Barton Fink, in a The Big Lebowski They are brothers. Most of the time, the duo make crime comedies that make fun of the United States in some way. Uniquely written dialogues, special action scenes, and beautifully captured images (often by photographer Roger Dickens) define the works of Queen Brothers It makes it very powerful.

Scenes like Jesus Quintana’s character introduction: in a hairnet, in a purple jumpsuit, he’s at the bowling alley. sticks out his tongue in order to lick the bowling ball he hits, then gleefully dances to a dubbed Spanish version of California hotel. Quinn’s scenes are comedic, even silly, filmed in a way that only these filmmakers can. The brothers’ worlds are filled with extraordinary characters, all woven into stories with plenty to discover. All too often, with a main character stumbling through everything, from one minor failure to another, hoping for the best in the end.

Swap the Coen Brothers - The Tragedy of Macbeth 2

A step into the theater did not come entirely out of thin air, filmmakers often worked with classic work. This is how the duo depends Hey brother, where are you About the Greek story of Odysseus by Homer and Barton Fink loosely based on Dante’s words. The last brothers movie Buster Serges songIt was also somewhat different from their previous work. It’s still full of humor, crazy characters, and typical dialogues, but this time it’s brought by an anthology story. Six different stories appear, although they seem to have nothing to do with each other. From a bounty hunter who sings loudly to a lonely prospector, there can only be objective connections between one story and another. This type of flower tale occurs regularly in the worlds of radio, literature, and theater and eventually formed the basis for Ethan Coen’s first theatrical production.

While one of the brothers is already involved in the world of theater, the other is shooting an old play by William Shakespeare. Joel Coen, the eldest of the two, has begun work on a film adaptation of the play on his own Macbeth. Starring his wife, Frances McDormand, and Denzel Washington as the title character. When you think about it, Macbeth is also somewhat of a Coen-esque character. A person faces more and more problems due to wrong choices. The tragedy of Macbeth It became a black-and-white adaptation that looks quite impressionistic, similar to the films of German Expressionists (think Cabinet das dis Dr. Caligari). Actually it seems so The tragedy of Macbeth It was filmed as a play. With smaller sets where light and dark define the image, just like spot lights in a theater. The dialogues have changed little from Shakespeare’s original texts in Old English. A play but on a movie.

How thin is the line between cinema and theater? We can find out from today now The tragedy of Macbeth available for Streaming on Apple TV +. Will we see the familiar phrase again in the next movie?Brother Quinn movieon the label? Only the future can tell. Who knows it will be soonA play by the Coen Brothers.

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