Do these two Netflix phrases have the same name? No, this is the acrobatic guy! | Instagram

Frank Lamers jumps from a meter high into a quarry, slides over the pellet, makes a big roll several times and ends up bruised in the face below, as his opponent dies with a broken leg. But what the viewer doesn’t see: It’s not Lammers, but Zwolle stuntman JP de Kam (36) who is rolling down the steep slope. He plays Frank Lameers in the Netflix Ferry movie, which is the precursor to the Undercover series.

De Kam has been starring on the silver screen as an acrobatic for 11 years. Or in fact it does not shine: its role is to remain as invisible as possible, So that the viewer believes that the actor performs the trick himself. So his days are different every day, the acrobatic man says with a smile: “It is definitely varied. Tomorrow I have to shoot the drowning scene for a Norwegian movie, and next week I will be tied on a chair and set on fire.”

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