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Dunham married musician Louis Felbert a week and a half ago and posted a wedding photo on Instagram. Among the many positive feedback there were many negative ones. “I forgot again why I learned to be careful online. It’s so easy to get caught up in the happiness of all the beautiful messages and forget the tub underneath. Most of them I don’t even want to comment or share with you, but I draw the line at the thought that I should be ashamed of how my body has changed Since I was last on TV,” the actress wrote in a subsequent post. ..

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Dunham wonders when the world will learn that being thin doesn’t mean health and happiness. “Of course, weight loss can be a result of a positive change in one’s habits. But weight can be gained as well. The images I have been compared to are from a time when I was addicted and had an undiagnosed disease,” she says. Dunham wants to urge everyone to embrace their bodies with this open post. “I do it and I enjoy it a lot.”

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Not only is Lena Dunham experiencing negative reactions about her body under an Instagram post. For example, Miljuschka Witzenhausen often spoke about the negative reactions on social media and made a documentary about it. Even Crown Princess Amalia has been criticized for her appearance. She looked “(too) fat”.

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