Do you still need fireworks? Den Bleeker has enough stock!

Fireworks were sold almost everywhere in the area. Fortunately, fireworks supplier Den Bleker of Ter Aar is well prepared, and there are still plenty available. The phone kept ringing red all day.

“Do you have any fireworks?” -This is the question from customers. People from all over the country call Den Bleker asking if they still have fireworks in stock. Fortunately, they can answer that with a resounding “yes.”

Hans den Bleecker saw it coming from miles away. “We have been in business since October, and since then we can see that orders are going to go up to great numbers this year. Except for two days, people set off fireworks for the last time three years ago. So it was expected that now everyone would want to go wild,” he says. Dean Blaker says.

A large area

“So we bought a lot. And over Christmas and into Thursday we bought extra stock. We’re lucky we have space to store it too. We have plenty of space thanks to the five stashes, so we can stock more. Luckily when someone else has a logistical problem, we don’t have that,” he said. Dean Blaker explains.

The webstore is open until midnight

in a Den Bleecker Web Store You can order your fireworks until Friday evening 00:00. The shop in Ter Aar will be open all day on Saturday. “There is already more than enough, from large packages to complexes, everything is still there. Nobody has to worry about running out of fireworks,” continues Den Bleeker.

It is not necessary to contact Den Bleker in advance. You can just come to the store. The store in Ter Aar will be open on Saturday, December 31, from 8:30 to 16:30.

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