Do you want a circular and healthy school?

Want to know all about Circuit Schools and curious as to what the New Schools 2021 Schedule of Requirements (PvE) Update means for you? then it digital visit The New Schools Circle Webinar on September 22nd is a must!

The program includes many experts who will inspire you to quickly roll up your sleeves to make schools circular and healthy. To start with the last: Jeroen Paas from Ruimte-OK shows you step-by-step how to achieve optimal ventilation in schools. Ventilation isn’t perfect in schools yet, but do we know how it can be improved? Do we have a plan? Together with Paas, you can control the health problem in school.

Towards a circular school

Then Monique Donker discusses the ambitious framework for circular schools. Explain how it is organized and how you can handle it in a tender. You get the basis for a circular school from its presentation.

Sustainable Schools in Practice

Then J├╝rgen van Holst goes to practice and explains how a healthy and futuristic school is being created. He supports his vision with research by DGMR, bba internal environment and NIBE. If you are looking for maximum performance from your school, you have come to the right place with its presentation.

Ruud van Vliet from Stichting W/E Adviseurs is the closing event related to the webinar presentations. With his extensive experience as a consultant in making schools more sustainable, he shows you how we will fill your sustainability assignments.

At the end of the seminar there is more than enough space to ask your question to a speaker. Register today For the webinar!

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