Doctor Who has been fully updated in Season 13

Thanks to a new companion, it will be a renewed streak again.

Doctor Who It is greatly updated. On New Year’s Day last year, the series kicked off with The Dalix Revolution Farewell to two companions. At the same time it was announced that John Bishop will play the role of new comrade Dan.

Bishop is a well-known comic artist in the United Kingdom. And thanks to him being in the new season, he’s going to be very beautiful and different anyway, according to model Chris Chipnal.

Fresh flavor
“I always look forward to seeing various lovable actors,” Shipnal said. “There are a lot of great comedians out there who have shown themselves great actors. Just think of Robbie Coltrane in Cracker. And also John. [Bishop] He is someone I’ve been watching for some time. “

Thanks to him, it will be very special in the new season of the science fiction series.

“John and his character bring a very different flavor to the series. We’d love for him to be part of our team,” Shipnal said. Thus the actor will join TARDIS and Dr. Jodie Whittaker in the thirteenth season.

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