‘Doctor Who’ provokes return of genius series ‘Torchwood’

Torchwood could just be back, we think given the special this week.

A special holiday from Doctor Who Torchwood’s comeback appears to have been hidden. There seems to be a chance Chris Shipnall will revive the episodic series.

The last season of Torchwood He appeared on television in 2011. The series ended abruptly when creator Russell T Davis – who had just filmed Season 4 in Los Angeles – was forced to return to the UK. There, his husband, Andrew Smith, was treated for brain cancer.

Return is possible
Now it looks like a return to the series is possible. The series features Captain Jack Harkness, the character of John Barrowman who also played a role in it TorchwoodShe is back.

In the final moments, it’s hinted that Jack and Gwen are working together again. “Sorry, I forgot the time,” Jack says to the doctor in a chat goodbye. “Gwen Cooper says hello by the way; she says she beat Dalek with a motorcycle and boxing gloves for her son.”

“Anyway, I’ll stay on the ground for now and see her again. I’ll call you.”Jack said. Which looks like this comeback is just like that!

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