Dodgson releases new single: ‘Suspicion’

‘Suspicion’ is the second single from Datsun’s upcoming album ‘I Do I’. The paranoid allusions of the critics of this process were completely substantiated. What lies are hidden behind the lies?

Dolph Dodson speaks of ‘suspicion’: ” Suspicion arises from the fusion of two distinct soundtracks. One with a heavy dim riffs with a danceable pulse and a scary, vengeful sound. Somehow they melted together into a new kind of beast, one placed on top of the other. Lyrically it speaks for itself. Exploring suspense, paranoia and cynicism in the ‘post-reality’ world. ”

It has been seven years since the New Zealand rock band The Dodgers’ 2014 ‘Deep Sleep’ was released. It’s been two decades since they captured the Northern Hemisphere with a tour of the United States and a big day tour of Australia and New Zealand. At the beginning of the millennium, Garage Rock had a major reappraisal, with The Dodgers being one of the leading bands of the time, along with The White Stripes, The Hives and Jet. In their own words, ‘I Do I’ is the best album the band has ever produced.

Album number seven ‘I to I’ has a different stylistic grip on 11 tracks. It closes the machine from the classic Ian Gillan / Richie Blackmore-Helmet Deep Purple – well spiced with the generous help of John Lord Keyboard Rise – on some updated Glam Space Boogie Power Cortage. Dolph comes as the pastor of Mark Pollen and Alice Cooper; There is another world of wonderful floating melodies inside and outside the selection of these songs, and Alice Snorl & Snorl are on the most captivating tracks. Lead Dodson can never forget the musician, Christian Livingston. For the album’s instrument spaces and beds, you can hear it in freaky fuss frequencies and space-age reduction and better-tuning of other floating dog fight and dive-blast tones.

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‘I Do I’ is an album compiled in the past that has been redesigned for the future, more unknown and uncertain than ever. ‘I Do I’ will be released on May 28, 2021 via V2 Records.

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