Does it look like the original?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a fake, how much does it look like in the original? We look at one of the best copies of Samsung devices on sale from China for less than 100 euros. Are imitators close to the original?

Nip S21 Ultra

from Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra It’s one of the best premium phones out there right now, and that has consequences. For example, that the devices are fakes from China. XDA Developers managed to order a fake S21 Ultra for 85 euros, and compared it to the original in the video below.

When we see the back of the phone, we notice that it is also made of plastic, but it has a cheaper glossy look. The camera island has the same shape as the original, but it does not flow smoothly into the chassis, and appears to have been glued instead.

Knib Bixby

Moreover, there is a screen with a notch of water drop, unlike the real S21 Ultra. This, along with the large screen bezel at the bottom, you can better see from those external features that it is a fake device. Also remarkable is that the phone comes with a headphone jack and charger in the box, so it seems like you get more with this €85 phone.

The imitators have also done their best to make the smartphone software look like One UI. An animated Samsung logo appears on startup, and default Samsung wallpapers are recreated. Moreover, the navigation buttons are almost identical to the Samsung buttons, and recent apps have been toggled with the back button. The Chinese have also copied the default app icons, and strangely enough, the Spotify logo for the default music app on the phone has been misused. Copiers even went out of their way to copy Bixby, although it is much less useful than the original.

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1 GB RAM, 2 GB Storage

However, if you have been using the phone for a while, you will soon see that it shows serious problems. The software and packaging of the phone says that it will come with 6 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage, but in reality it only has 1 GB of RAM and only 2 GB of storage. You can literally install one app before the phone asks you to free up space. In addition, it runs very slowly with a working memory that matches that of the Galaxy S2 from 2011.

There are other things that stand out. For example, the phone comes without an AMOLED screen and has only one working camera which takes really bad photos. Although it is the limited storage and RAM that actually make this phone unusable. Have you ever bought a fake phone, and what are your experiences? Do you know anyone who bought one? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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