Does polluted soil in Belgium affect the inhabitants of Hulst?

The advice comes after an additional meeting of ministers. It establishes strict measures for residents within one and a half kilometers of the 3M factory. They are advised not to eat their own food and not to use water sources from their own garden. The use of compost from own land is also not recommended.

Further expansion area NEET is not excluded

Residents up to ten kilometers around the factory are advised not to eat eggs from their own chickens. The piece is close to the municipality of Hulst municipality, but it could be further expanded, says Joris Mounens of the Flemish Agency for Care and Health. “If further research shows that precautionary measures should be expanded, we will certainly not allow that to happen.”

PFAS is a toxic and chemical waste that can lead to infertility, immune system damage and cancer. The soil around the 3M factory has very high concentrations of PFAS, which is much higher than the permissible quality.

There have been major concerns over the years about the 3M factory in Switzerland in Flanders. Until 2002, PFAS was largely completed in groundwater. It has been known for some time that there are problems, but it took a long time for the Belgian authorities to realize how big the environmental problem is.

Hulst Municipality: ‘Our area is clean from PFAS’

Hulst Municipality responds that it is not concerned. Soil research in 2019 shows that increased concentrations of PFAS are not found in rural areas. “We find PFAS in our soil, but only in very small amounts.”

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The investigation was launched in response to higher concentrations of PFAS at the 3M factory in Switzerland. The municipality of Hulst says in the statement: “Our area is clean in relation to PFAS.”

During excavations of a new section of the ring around Antwerp, high concentrations near Sweijentrech came to light. Higher concentrations of PFAS were observed, resulting in the cessation of construction.

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