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With Denis in Spain, the meeting between her family and guests did not go smoothly. Her mother immediately tested them. Aunt Denise definitely wouldn’t let her grow up either. Within minutes, her niece asked if she was already in an intimate relationship with one of the men. The guys point out that they don’t find the conversation annoying, but Denise then says she found the meeting uncomfortable. Perhaps a topic you would rather not discuss with your family during the first meeting.

Martin family

Martin’s family also interferes in his love life. In past episodes of B&B Full of Love, we all discussed the things that get discussed a lot campfire scene I have seen. At the twinkling flames, Martin tells Susan that he’s in love with Vina, whom he’s only dated once and whom he’s known for 24 hours at the time. Fenna points out to Martijn that she was shocked by Martijn’s choice of words, but they will explore this together.

Fenna didn’t get time for this, because Martijn decided to call his family after a few minutes. The good news (that he fell in love within 24 hours) can be shared with them instantly. His parents and brother interact positively and congratulate the couple (who are not yet officially married). Even they are affected by the good news. Moreover, the parents’ reaction was a little surprised, not because the two had known each other only for a day, but because they saw their son completely in love.


On Twitter, Thea says Denise shouldn’t call her mom anymore.

Quitte believes that the level of “kumbaya” of the Martijn family is very high.

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