Dog collectors arrested in Lanaken: Over a hundred four-legged friends found at home | abroad

The raid was preceded by reports from local residents and an investigation by the local police of Lanakin – Maschilin. On Friday afternoon, they found eighty dogs. According to Mayor Marino Quillen (Open Vld), this is a serious case of animal neglect. “The dogs will be removed and transferred initially to an animal shelter in Kinroy, after which the spread will spread and other Limburg shelters will receive dogs as well,” Colin says.


In addition to the local police, the Flemish Animal Welfare Inspectorate and Asylum Center in Kinroy and firefighters were also involved in the confiscation. The raid, which began at 10:30 in the morning, necessitated the storming of the house, which was surrounded by residents. Both the man and the woman were arrested and administratively detained. They are not ready for the test. In 2018, forty dogs have already been taken from them.

Obsessive collectors

So it is located around the so-called animal hoarding Or anxiously collect and keep animals, in this case dogs. According to Intervention Services, the living conditions were perhaps the most appalling they encountered in Flanders. “It defied all imagination,” Colon says. “There was a pungent smell of urine and feces in the house. The couple collected the dogs as if they were toys. They are unable to give them the necessary care. They have been arrested before. I hope the courts will do their job and sentence those involved to a lifelong ban on animal husbandry. Situation Really indescribable.”


“I’ve been here a lot and heard dogs barking again in recent weeks,” says Regina, a local. “When I saw that the shutters always kept shut and the ivy was thriving, I was already afraid it would be like in 2018. It is horrible to see now all those dogs standing in front of the window and looking out.”

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