Dog diagnosed with monkeypox for first time: Sleeps in bed with infected owners | Abroad

This is according to a study in the Journal of Medicine The Lancet. According to researchers, this is the first dog to infect a human with monkey fever.

In early June, both owners were diagnosed with monkeypox. About 12 days later, their dog developed symptoms, including blisters on the stomach and anus. The dog was then confirmed to have monkey pox virus. Researchers believe the dog was infected by its owners because it slept in men’s beds and the infections came one after the other.

Researchers advise people infected with the virus to isolate themselves from their pets as much as possible.


Monkeypox virus can infect rodents such as squirrels, rats and mice, as well as rabbits and monkeys, the RIVM said on its website. In other animals such as dogs, cats, cows, pigs, sheep, and other animals, no infection had previously been detected in Europe, making the French dog the first known.

The RIVM advises avoiding contact with mammals in case of viral infection, thus reducing the risk of further transmission of the virus, possibly via dogs or cats.

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