Domenicali: “Thrilling races are more important than the most in the season”

In recent years, Formula 1 has tried unsuccessfully to hold an additional Grand Prix in the United States, as well as the Austin Grand Prix. But Stefano Domenicali, the president of F1, said talks were taking place again with the organizers in Miami. The sport still wants “more US presence” and aims for a second race, preferably in Miami, Florida.

“There are also other countries that have shown interest, think North and South Africa. I think it’s important for the sport to be in terms of new and old locations from a Formula 1 legacy point of view,” adds the new F1 CEO.

“We must also not forget that we have lost a number of European races, which are now showing interest in reconsidering,” said the Italian, who admitted that at present he has a lot of changes needed for the future of sport.

For example, a decision will be made tomorrow (Thursday) about potential sprint races, which have been planned for three races in the upcoming season. It was reported in Canada, Italy and Brazil.

It’s also not entirely clear if there are 23 or more races on the calendar in the future. “We know that with 23 races, we’re almost as far as possible,” says Dominicali. “If you come up with a good product, you might wonder if it has any added value to add more races for each season to the calendar.”

In recent years, there have been many talks in the ring about the maximum number of races of 25. It is not expected if this will happen at all. An Italian Formula 1 coach finds exciting races to be more important than more races with less entertainment.

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